My Work

A complete archive of my writings for The Washington Post (including my twice-weekly columns and miscellaneous blog posts) is here. A longer essay on the transformation of the U.S. immigration system is here.

You can find some of my writings for The New York Times (2008-2014, mostly on economics or theater) here.

Some Marketplace appearances are archived here.

Here’s a Making Sen$e segment I did with the PBS NewsHour, on the fallout of Trump’s washing machine tariffs — for American consumers, companies, and workers.

Here’s another one on millennials moving back home during the pandemic.

This one is about bats!

Here are a few columns from recent years (this list is updated very infrequently):

A random sampling of other TV appearances is herehere, hereherehere, herehere, herehereherehereherehere, herehere, here, and here.

At a Washington Post Live event with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.